BBG is a facility designed for those who want to struggle. The facility is dedicated to the breakdown and repair of the physical body and the spiritual self.

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Hot Yoga

Bull And Bear Gym Hot Yoga addresses diverse elements of physical and spiritual fitness. Routine practice has been credited with sports injury reduction, improved stamina and balance, and an increase in positive emotions, Hot Yoga will improve your flixibility and strength, endurance, and may also help with weight reduction, racing thoughts, anxiety, and feelings of disconnection.
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Hot yoga classes are hosted in a room heated to 105 degrees fahrenheit. The relative humidity of the space is kept at 40 percent, making hot yoga a means for the body to release unwanted toxins. The heat triggers heat shock proteins in the body, which have been credited with improved athletic performance and have anti-aging properties. During each class, certified instructiors guide students through a variety of different poses and breathing exercises. Students at all levels, novice to ace, are welcome. Classes can be reserved online.
%Personal Training Center North Carolina%Bull And Bear Gym
%Personal Training Center North Carolina%Bull And Bear Gym

Yoga Ideals in
Daily Life

Individuals willing to dedicate time every week to yoga practice will experience rewards that flow naturally from incorporating yoga practice into their habits. The practice of yoga directs students and teachers alike to mindfully experience physical movement, recognize the flow of breath, endure and progress through difficult movements, and ultimately reconnect with their spiritual self. Individuals who have made yoga practice a part of their daily or weekly routines report better focus, a sense of healing, and a renewed appreciation each day.

Take Charge Of Your Life

“A mind free from all disturbances is Yoga.`` ~ Patanjali
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